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Branded Pelmeni (premium-grade dumplings with pork and beef)

  • Branded Pelmeni (premium-grade dumplings with pork and beef)
    Frozen pre-cooked product

    Premium wheat flour, semi-fat tendon-free pork, drinking water, premium tendon-free beef, fresh onion, pork lard, chicken eggs, table salt, sunflower oil, food additive, ground black pepper, nutmeg. Mass content of dough envelope is no more than 50%. GMO-free

    Nutritional value:
    Protein 10,7 g
    Fat 12,0 g
    Carbohydrates 22,3 g
    Energy 1004,2 kJ
    • Pork

    • Beef

    Shelf life and storage conditions:

    At temperature ranging from 18°С below zero, no more than 90 days.

    Cooking method:

    Frozen dumplings, fall asleep in salted boiling water (400 g of pelmeni 2 liters of water). Cook, stirring, 3-4 minutes until cooked.

    • Soybean meat
    • GMO
    • Chemical additives