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Art news


Art news

For more than 25 years, ORPHEUS contest of young performers of pop music, and for more than 12 years, EURYDICE the children’s contest of pop music, have been held in ROSAVA Palace of Culture in Bila Tserkva.

Each spring and autumn the Rosava Palace of Culture welcomes everyone, who wishes to dive into the beautiful world of music and songs!

Every time the audience is surprised and admired for the originality and professional potential of young talents.
The hall is always packed awaiting a miracle. The miracle that lives next to us. A miracle we cannot touch, but can see and hear it! It can make us laugh and cry. It has the soul and heart! The miracle that is born on the stage.
This is a song!

Nevertheless, miracles are not born on their own. Dozens of concerned people work, create, put their hearts, and invest funds to help miracles happen. The greatest appreciation of organizers and contestants goes for the permanent sponsor with more than twenty years of experience — Marshalok!

At all times, the development of education, culture, art, and religion was supported by philanthropists, people who altruistically help a specific person or a community for the sake of future.

For example, ORPHEUS and EURYDICE contests exist thanks to such philanthropists. We have already been side-by-side with MARSHALOK for over twenty years. Largely, this art project continues to live thanks to OLHA and VADYM MARSHALOK. In addition, as experience and time show, good deeds always pay off.

Thousands of young girls and boys have participated in the contests over the years. For many of them, these contests helped them on their way towards the big stage. Winners and awardees of the contests honourably represent Ukraine all over the world.

Thus, in-time support helps create human destinies, gives wings to talents, so that they can fly over obstacles towards the sun of success.

Therefore, we want to bow thanks to the concern and to believe that it will become a role model. For the sake of the young generation of Ukrainians, happy future, successful and developed Ukraine!

Press service of ART creative workshop