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You can distinguish a natural sausage by taste.
Moreover, a real sausage is not a shelf warmer (according to the MARSHALOK statistics).

Our approach to the technology and production is clearly evidenced by specific professional principles:

  1. 01

    Premium-grade raw material.

  2. 02

    Natural additives supplied directly from Europe.

  3. 03

    Technologists with 20 years of experience.

  4. 04

    Specialised equipment manufactured in Austria and Germany.

  5. 05

    We apply a strict quality control system at each stage of production.

When producing our meat and sausage products, we use home-style recipes and modern European technologies

We are ready to confirm this with numerous certificates and have been constantly winning new ones.


MARSHALOK production site is located in Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region. There is a sausage shop, a confectionery shop and a facility to produce frozen pre-cooked products. Warehouses and sewage facilities are also located at the site territory.

Our products have undergone a stringent quality control, and the management system has received official confirmation of compliance with Ukrainian and European quality standards.

Have a look at these photos showing
our approach to production:

If you would like to receive more information on MARSHALOK™
production and technologies, visit us for an excursion and degustation.


We not just speak about high quality. It is proven by our achievements based on scrupulous work and responsible attitude to our business.

Few manufacturers are eager to reveal specific features of the production process, technological details and quality control process on their websites.

    MARSHALOK, in its turn, adheres to openness and directly speaks about its approaches:

  1. 01

    We work with suppliers of raw materials and components, who 100% follow our standards, and each time they provide all the necessary certificates.

  2. 02

    We use fresh, clean, and natural meat taken from an allowed carcass part. It undergoes an acceptance veterinary inspection

  1. 03

    Strict control of products cutting and package processes.

  2. 04

    All the production parameters are documented and monitored for the strict compliance.

  3. 05

    The company management conducts daily random sausage degustation and a mandatory scheduled analysis at independent accredited laboratories.

Marshalok is not just a word, but also the surname of our founders. For this reason, on the market, we risk the honour and dignity of our native name and not just a company name. This is why it is very important for us that MARSHALOK™ products maintain an unsullied reputation.


The food supply market is actively developing and improving, that is why this is the sphere of a mass consumer segment — people have to eat.

Our technologists regularly visit European exhibitions and workshops (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia), where they share or experience with and gain experience from international producers.

We always explore the latest offers available on the spice and ingredients market to offer our customers new tastes and recipes. We also monitor the improvements in production and package technologies.

For professional development, we consult the leading technologists (including foreign experts), who share their technological know-how with us.

We invite you to our virtual tour around our production site, to prove the authenticity of each written word.