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Welcome to the website of MARSHALOK, the company engaged in production and wholesale of sausage, meat and confectionery products, cheese, and frozen pre-cooked products. MARSHALOK is a company based on Ukrainian family traditions of high-level food culture. We understand that people want natural products with excellent gustatory qualities. When the food is useful, delicious and brings delight.

We have been present in the Ukrainian market since 1996. We continuously support the sustained quality, taste, and naturalness of our prime product lines. We scrupulously select the ingredients, use the raw materials supplied by trusted suppliers and apply a strict quality control system at each stage of production. We produce our products using equipment manufactured in Austria and Germany that also meets Ukrainian and European quality standards:

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MARSHALOK means sausage products made with natural meat!


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Since the very first days of launching our company, we have decided to produce a purely natural product without any chemical additives and artificial ingredients.

For instance, sausage products: meat should be meat, and it should be delicious. Moreover, this is a specific artistry.

Pay attention to the label on sausages produced by MARSHALOK™ indicating the product ingredients:

MARSHALOK is committed to the principle of producing each item of the product range with a shelf life specific for a natural product. We never store our products at warehouses. We immediately deliver them to consumers.

Our slogan is

Pure natural taste,
and not an illusion.


The vast majority of high gustatory qualities of MARSHALOK products are the merit of organizing our production cycle and strict compliance with the existing quality standards. Now we witness that many producers use modern supplements and substitutes to make the finished products cheaper. For these purposes, they select meat, the properties that come short of traditional concepts. A consumer wants a natural product because the customer pays for it. Moreover, the consumer does not like when the customer’s desire is abused by offering some kind of a substitute resembling a sausage. Hence, MARSHALOK has a different approach to production: Quality should not be affected in favour of low prices.


80% of our partners started cooperating with us 20 years ago and they still stay with us.

MARSHALOK is open for cooperation with distributors, retail chains, shops, and all organizations interested in purchasing meat and sausage products, as well as frozen pre-cooked products.