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Capital Sausage

  • Capital Sausage
    Raw-smoked, premium quality

    99% of meat raw material (premium tendon-free beef, lean tendon-free pork, spinal sausage lard) table salt, cognac, sugar, ground black or white pepper, ground allspice, ground cardamom or nutmeg, starter culture, sodium nitrite as preservative and colour retention agent. GMO-free.

    Nutritional value:
    Protein 23,6 g
    Fat 50,0 g
    Carbohydrates 0,6 g
    Energy 2287,8 kJ
    • Beef

    • Pork

    Shelf life and storage conditions::

    At 75%+ 5% of relative air humidity and temperature that does not exceed 15°С, no more than 4 months, at temperature ranging from 2°С to 4°С below zero, no more than 6 months, if packed in a vacuum shell as batons at temperature that does not exceed 60°С, no more than 120 days, if sliced, 45 days, if sliced to be served, 25 days.

    • Soybean meat
    • GMO
    • Chemical additives